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Are All Massage Therapy Schools the Same?

No.  Think about it like this…  A great massage therapy school is similar to a great chef.  A great chef (school) has the ability to take the exact same ingredients (students) and transform them into something special. Great therapists are a result of great training. It takes the right combination of talent and tools.

The Healing Arts Institute (HAI) has a track record of developing great talent and offers tools such as the Body Insight Method, which no other school can offer because this proprietary method was created by the founder, Gary Salinger, and is exclusive to HAI.  As our video above demonstrates, employers recognize that HAI grads have the right combination of talents and tools.

Developing Talent

The secret of a satisfying, successful career is doing what you love. We help you discover the aspects of the massage therapy field that feel right to you and show you how to integrate them into your future practice.

It’s our job to teach about the nature of healing and how this relates to you as a person and a massage therapist. We strive to bring out your compassion and intuition. When you combine these qualities with the therapeutic skills we teach, your future clients will not only feel better, they will know they received something special and unique.

We are hands on from your 1st day of class because we know from experience that this is how massage therapists learn best. Each student is treated as an individual with different needs and learning styles. We’ve never liked the “cookie cutter” approach where one teaching style fits all.

Students and grads tell us that our teachers are amazing. They are accessible, involved, and always there for you if you need help. As successful therapists, they share their years of experience in the classroom so you can truly understand what to expect when you start your practice.

Special Tools

HAI grads tell us that Body Insight gives them a real competitive advantage over many grads from other schools because it is a tool they can rely on to create results. Clients are much more aware of what they want and need these days. An average massage doesn’t cut it for them. They want more and we are confident that our graduates deliver more.

Body Insight Therapy releases the physical restrictions in muscles and restores proper movement while encouraging people to drop stressful habits. It addresses the physical, mental and emotional, all in the same session and provides the real possibility of deep transformative change.

Most of all, while we are serious about making you the best therapist you can be, we believe in having fun. Life is too short not to enjoy the ride.

Join us in pursuing your new career at our massage therapy school in beautiful Fort Collins Colorado.

We see a lot of different graduates from a lot of different schools, and the Healing Arts graduates really know their neuromuscular work and Body Insight. We have a lot of people who call into the clinic and ask to see a Healing Arts graduate because….

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